Daisy: Finding Peace and Clarity


In December 2012, Daisy decided for the first time in her life not to put up a Christmas tree. Her car was totaled, she had just lost her job of 5+ years, her food stamp application had been delayed, and she had a criminal background.

She remembers feeling “like my life was being ripped from under my feet daily, piece by piece, each loss just as shockingly unexpected as the first.” She was at the lowest point in her life, trying to figure out why God did not care.

Seeking help with bills, Daisy went to Dorcas Ministries (Cary, NC), where she was encouraged to enroll in a Jobs for Life class. She was immediately leery about this suggestion. In her free time, Daisy had already taken free resume classes at libraries, free community college classes and local seminars, and had even joined her church’s unemployed group. Nothing had produced a real change in her life—no contacts, no job leads—just actions to show others she was trying to occupy her time productively. Nevertheless, she decided to join the class.

Daisy quickly learned the Jobs for Life class was “a game changer.”

“You really learn a lot about yourself,” Daisy recalls. “I thought I knew myself but I never realized my smile was a strength or that people saw me as a courageous person. I learned how to write a real career plan based on who I am, a resume tailored to my strengths and my desires, and I learned there were others who truly cared about my success. I was able to see that I’m not useless, that I actually have skills and talents.”

Daisy had gone to church her whole life, and was always heavily involved in church activities, including volunteering and worship. At Jobs for Life, she was introduced to Scripture, truth, and community in a new way. “Jobs for Life made church teachings more applicable to life for me,” Daisy explains. “It kind of drew the connections for me.”  She realized that God hadn’t given up on her. Quite the opposite—He had sent His one and only Son to die for her. Daisy needed to hear and believe God had greater plans for her, and she found that hope in the Scripture that was introduced to her at Jobs for Life: “For I know the plans I have for you’, says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).

After graduating from her Jobs for Life class, Daisy was offered a job at Habitat for Humanity, and was able to go with them on a mission trip to Honduras—her first trip out of the country.

Seeking to give back, in 2014 Daisy returned to the Jobs for Life class at Dorcas Ministries as a mentor, where she was able to go through the class from a different perspective. She helped her student with similar issues she had already faced, and felt the excitement of seeing her student graduate from the class. “I’m not a parent,” Daisy explains, “but that has to be what a parent feels when they see their child accomplish something amazing.

Daisy was a guest blogger on our site earlier this year and shared her story. Click here to read her post.