It Was Her Season

LaTosha's Story (submitted by Kelly Jeffers from Urban Mission)

As the students arrived at our first class, one young woman took her place at the front of the classroom. Her name was LaTosha Jenkins. She was reserved at first, but as classes went on she began to open up. She's a devoted mother of two beautiful children and she'd been out of work for a while. She had a strong faith in the Lord and it showed. She shared regularly about her faith and where she was in life.

Then, her car broke down. It was a total loss. She kept her faith and continued to say "My blessing is on it's way..." Well, she was right.

She worked diligently at her JfL classwork and always shared about how much the classes meant to her and how much they were changing her. Not long after classes began, about the point where we were working on resumes, LaTosha got a full time job at a local nursing home. She dressed for success, walked in and got hired on the spot! Our class mentors, Terry and Ruth Blake from a local church grew close to LaTosha and her children. Not only did they help her with her children and help her get to work but a gentleman from their church gave LaTosha a Toyota Camry.

When God moves, He moves! The joy of watching this young woman come in and thrive from the classwork, the relationships and the faith she had was an unbelieveable blessing. It was her season! Presenting LaTosha with her JfL Certificate was one of the most meaningful moments of my life. We are so thankful for Jobs for Life!