Support & Encouragement in Bowling Green, KY

Agnes and Harold at Hope House Ministries

Agnes and Harold are Jobs for Life graduates from Hope House Ministries (Bowling Green, KY). They recently shared their story on the Hope House blog about finding hope and encouragement in their Jobs for Life class.

“I’ve been clean since November 15, 2007, and when I got out of prison, we decided that he had to stop drinking to help us both. He’s been sober since October 25, 2017. We found Hope House because we were looking for help with our electric bill, and that’s when I signed up for Jobs for Life.

He decided to ride with me and sit in on the class, and before it was over, he was signed up too. We realized we needed to be around positive people working toward the same goals to help us grow in our faith. Our classmates were going through difficult things too, and we could talk about it in the class. We could see we weren’t alone, and it was amazing to hear how the Bible could be applied to our lives today, not just read like a history book.

After graduation, I was trying to find work through the Goodwill SCSEP program, but I couldn’t be placed in Simpson County because of my felony. I’m so glad that we found Hope House. There’s not a whole lot that Harold can do because of his disability, so being able to just hang clothes here gives him purpose and independence.”

Harold added, “We know that it’s God who has always provided for us when we’ve been in need, whether it’s an extra job or this program. Jobs for Life gives you hope and encouragement, something you can go on. It gives you the strength just to try.”

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