Stepping Into The Margins in Clarkston, GA

Lauren and Friends of Refugees – Café Clarkston

At Jobs for Life, we are blessed to watch people step into the margins on a daily basis. They do it not because they feel obligated. Instead, they do it because God’s Spirit is working in them. They become apart of God’s world-shattering method of ministry and testify to their circles of influence of what God has done!

In Greater Atlanta, we have witnessed our Jobs for Life leaders permeating society with the values and love of Christ through our work readiness platform.

For example, Clarkston, GA was a unique community where people from greater Atlanta experience a global culture right in our own backyard. Few people understand the level of cultural diversity in Clarkston and its large refugee community. Once aware of its residents’ roadblocks, the awareness is overwhelming for many. Friends of Refugees – Café Clarkston is an exception. Their mission is to empower refugees through opportunities that provide for their well-being, education, and employment. We began to form a relationship and there was an evident collaborative niche.

Lauren Brockett, Director of Employment Services at Friends of Refugees, leads the existing work-training program with passion. She and I discussed her desire to truly see their clients flourish in their natural God-given gifts, know that they are wonderfully made, that God Himself has given them an identity, and that they’re hearts should be softened and humble enough to hear from Him. Our Jobs for Life material helps address Lauren’s desires! Rather than reinvent the wheel, we incorporated the existing culturally relevant training with Jobs for Life’s proven biblically based curriculum and piloted a unique accelerated four-week course.

I am proud to report Lauren and her JfL Leadership team graduated and employed all ten students from their inaugural class, recently graduated eight more students on November 9, 2016, and earned a well deserved 2016 Journey Award. Most of all, their students have experienced authentic faith in action, are exposed to biblical values pertinent for the workplace, and now have the tools and support to put wings to their dreams. Both students and leaders of their Jobs for life site have reason to testify of God’s goodness!