Creating jobs for life

First Baptist Church in Wylie is taking a proactive step toward helping those who are unemployed or underemployed in the area. The church has been authorized to teach a 16-session class called Jobs… Read more

Burlington Hosts Symposium on Job Training

StepUp Ministry CEO Steve Swayne said during a symposium held in Burlington at Trinity Worship Center on Saturday that it was key to help find those with a criminal past employment within the first… Read more


The Best Way to Erase Poverty

"The best anti-poverty program is a job," said President Obama at the recent Poverty Summit at Georgetown University. Overwhelming response on Twitter pushed #PovertySummit to a national… Read more


Women, Prison and Mental Health - State Deals With A Troubled Population In Its Corrections System

Idatyna Zarecky was sexually abused as a child, which she believes led to her developing mental health problems. Her mother didn't have the time or resources to have her treated and would give… Read more


Incarceration to Convocation

Sipping beer in his apartment and eating homeade ceviche, Danny Murillo, 35, could be any other UC Berkeley student. But spend a little more time with him, and other things become apparent. Odd… Read more

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