God's Plan Seekers teaches women life skills

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - An organization under Christian Women's Job Corp is helping women make their house a home by teaching life skills needed to succeed.

"There's been over 100 ladies that have come through the program," Sandi Lewis, God's Plan Seekers Coordinator said.

Each one graduating from Christian Women's Job Corp's Jobs for Life program.

"They learn budgeting," Lewis said. "How to get the most out of your money at home. How to plan for a meal, how to shop for it and how to prepare for it."

They learn interview skills and how to dress professionally. Jobs for Life offers computer basics, sewing and bible study.

"It gives us an opportunity to show God's plan," Lewis said.

Philadelphia's Women's Job Corp wanted to help more women with skills they need to succeed. That's why they started God's Plan Seekers at the old Neshoba Baptist Association.

"We decided to open and offer another daytime class for Jobs for Life because all of our classes were at night, and we felt like we weren't reaching everyone that needed to come," Lewis said.

The four-month program was primarily for the unemployed or homemakers trying to re-enter the workforce, but God's Plan Seekers changed that.

"We opened it up to the community, to anyone because there are a lot of ladies needing help with their skills," Lewis said.


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