Jobs for Life to begin in Bristol, TN

BRISTOL, Tenn. — After months of planning and strategic brainstorming sessions, the United Way of Bristol said it will begin training participants to help launch the Jobs for Life program in Bristol this September.

“We are very excited that after all the discussions with key community stakeholders that we will begin the necessary training to begin this vital ministry in our community,” said Scott Emerine, steering committee chair for Jobs for Life. “I am thankful that the United Way had the vision and drive to see the need and bring together the community leaders that are needed to make this program a success.”

Earlier this year, local pastors, community leaders, educators and numerous nonprofit agencies met at Bristol Motor Speedway in hopes of making Jobs for Life a reality in Bristol, according to a news release. The Jobs for Life training sessions will teach attendees about the requirements of making the program successful. Instructors, mentors, volunteers for transportation, child care and other vital resources will be needed to make the project a success.

“When a community comes together to help others, it not only helps improve the quality of life for the attendees but also the entire community,” Emerine said. “We have numerous churches from multiple denominations and business leaders from all kinds of industries that have joined forces to make this ministry a reality. Businesses need reliable employees. Pastors and nonprofit organizations in Bristol see people that need valuable jobs. This new initiative will pair those two together.”

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