Jobs for Life to begin in Bristol, TN

BRISTOL, Tenn. — After months of planning and strategic brainstorming sessions, the United Way of Bristol said it will begin training participants to help launch the Jobs for Life program in… Read more

Private Label Skin To Partner With Global Non-Profit to Attack Joblessness

St. Petersburg, FL – May 19, 2017 – Private Label Skin, a private label skin care manufacturer, and Hashtag Fulfillment, its fulfillment subsidiary, have partnered with Jobs for Life… Read more


Women celebrate graduation from Christian Women's Job Corps program

Nearly 60 women ranging in age from 19 to 70 were all smiles as they wore rich purple caps and gowns during their graduation ceremony from a Christian Women's Job Corps of Tyler program at First… Read more

Give Joseph a Job

The reality of the prison industrial complex is one that negatively affects persons (the majority of which are people of color) all over this country. Presently, the United States houses over a… Read more

Local people talk about the affect of criminal history check box in employment

Getting a job is difficult. Even with a perfect resume, marketable skills and a clean record, an employer could still decide, you’re just not the right person for the position. Add a felony… Read more

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