Tracking Impact: How we know Jobs for Life Works!


Throughout Jobs for Life’s 20-year history, we’ve learned the importance of tracking impact. It not only helps us as an organization understand how we can better serve JfL Site Leadership teams, but also helps sites see how their work is affecting lives in their community, and ways they can share this impact with other churches, organizations, volunteers, and funders with whom they are partnering. 

We have therefore embarked on a journey to improve the JfL Measurement and Evaluation system, and are leading a live webinar in August focused on helping our sites track impact. 

During this webinar we are seeking to address the following questions: 

1. How are we able to understand if Jobs for Life actually ”works?" 
2. How does the JfL class utilize evidence-based methods for change, and how do we measure that impact? 
3. What is expected of my Jobs for Life site in terms of tracking impact? 
4. What are the class evaluation steps and how can my site complete them? 

This webinar is recommended for all site leaders, leadership team members, and volunteers. Come ready to learn, participate and ask questions! 

Tuesday, August 22 • 12PM-1PM(ET)

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