[Webinar] An Intro to Jobs for Life


People in your community need jobs. And you want to help. But how?
At Jobs for Life (JfL), we believe the local Church is uniquely equipped to address the devastating effects of unemployment and poverty by helping prepare men and women for meaningful work–through honest relationships, mentoring, Biblically-based training, and an ongoing community of support. Through JfL, churches, ministries, and businesses all over the world are transforming their communities and changing lives by helping people find and keep meaningful work.
This 1-hour informational webinar is specifically designed for those new to JfL and interested in learning how to address issues of poverty and joblessness in their city. You will learn more about the JfL mission and how the platform works, how the local Church can help prepare men and women for work, and how your church, ministry, and/or business can get involved.
Join us on this journey!
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Thursday, November 30th
12:00-1:00PM (Eastern Time)
Who should attend?:
  • Church leaders wanting to learn how their church can lead a Jobs for Life class, better engage their community, and help people find meaningful work
  • Ministry/non-profit leaders wanting to learn how to better serve the under-resourced in their community and connect more with local churches in their area
  • Business leaders wanting to leverage their business to help people in their community find meaningful work
  • Anyone interested in helping people in their community find and keep a good job

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