"Connections" - Leadership Development Webinar


Are you looking to improve your connection to your team, your family, friends and even improve your emotional health? Are you ready to re-introduce joy and creativity into your life? If your answer is "Yes", join us on March 9th from 12:00PM-1:00PM (ET) for "The Power of Vulnerability" webinar, part of the JfL "Connections" Leadership Development Webinar Series.  

Our guest facilitator, Jane Wolfe (JfL Site Leader), will help us discover the value of vulnerability and the crucial role it plays in our ability to be courageous, compassionate and connected leaders.
These webinars were designed with you in mind. We want to make sure you are encouraged and inspired on a consistent basis, as well as provide tools to enhance your leadership development.


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Connections - Leadership Development Webinar Series
Topic: "The Power of Vulnerability" 
Presenter: Jane Wolfe, JfL Site Leader
Date: Thursday, March 9th
Time: 12PM-1PM (Eastern Time)
Cost: FREE