The Journey of Reconciliation

Every day, Americans turn on their televisions and are flooded with images of despair and brokenness. Anger erupts as the bodies of black and brown children lay dying in the streets. People are…


Pray for Those Living in Poverty

There are 702 million people around the world living on less than $1.25 per day. In the United States, alone, 45 million people live below the poverty line. Some would assume the definition and…


A Prayer for Peace

This week, October 5th-9th, we at Jobs for Life are inviting you to join us for a week of prayer. We have come to realize prayer is the number one work we can do to further the mission God has given…


Podcast (Episode #9): 38126 - The Story of Advance Memphis

38126 has been the poorest zip code in Tennessee, and yet it is also a place where you will find extraordinary talent and innovation. Steve Nash’s vision to create Advance Memphis in 1999 began…


Podcast (Episode #8): Unleashing the Funds to Fuel Your Vision - A Conversation with Randy Samelson

Are you part of a ministry or organization that struggles raising the funds needed to realize your dreams? Are you a donor who is frustrated knowing where to invest your resources and wants to feel…


How To Add A Class on The Online Network

You are a Jobs for Life Network member and have created your account on the Online Network. You have recruited your team for your upcoming class and now you are wondering, “How do I recruit…


Introducing the Updated Online Network

The Jobs for Life Online Network is a web-based platform we designed and put in place last year to help mobilize and connect the Church to address joblessness. Since launching the Online Network a…


Podcast (Episode #7): Shepherding On The Margins - Conversations With Two Urban Pastors

This week's episode features conversations with Pastor Enoch Fuzz (from Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in Nashville, TN) and Pastor Kevin Riggs (from Franklin Community Church in Franklin,…

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