Podcast (Episode #12): The Story Behind The Storyteller

One of the main ways Jesus communicated his message was through story. On this podcast, David Spickard spends time with an amazing storyteller and close friend, Mark Schultz. …


I’m Thankful…For The One

(Editor's Note: This is a guest blog post written by Marty Imper, Administrative Assistant and Jobs for Life Instructor at Attack Poverty in Richmond, Texas.) …


Podcast (Episode #11): Bold and Winsome Faith - A Conversation with Scott Sauls

This week's podcast features a conversation with Scott Sauls, Senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to moving to Nashville, Scott was a lead and preaching…


A Week with John Perkins - Video #1: The History of His Ministry



Podcast (Episode #10): Restoring Baltimore - A Drive with Pastor Rod Hairston

After the riots in Baltimore, David Spickard was invited by Pastor Rod Hairston, pastor of Messiah Community Church located just outside of the city, to see the neighborhoods where the violence took…


Surprised By Hope: A Rolling Conversation

Editor's Note: This blog post is written by our guest blogger, Brandi Kellet, Ph.D. Brandi is a professor of postcolonial and American studies at Lipscomb University. A mother of 4, she teaches…


Scrubs and Stones

He wore what I believe are called ‘scrubs’. You know what I mean—loose fitting. Comfortable. Pastel. Cool. Doctors wear green, dentists blue, nurses pink. When I see someone wearing…


When I Was Blind, He Helped Me See

When I was asked to facilitate a half hour on prayer about Homelessness my first thought was “I am not worthy.” You see, I was asked to do this by a friend who understands homelessness…

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