What Is God Calling Us To Do?

As a Jobs for Life (JfL) staff, we meet every Wednesday morning to pray, study the Word or a meaningful book as well as to strategize, plan and dream together. At a recent staff meeting we wrestled…


Prayers for our community

Friends, we ask for your prayers. On Monday afternoon here in Raleigh, NC, Akiel Denkins, a 24-year-old African American father of two young boys, was shot and killed as he was running from a police officer. Over the years, Akiel had been involved with Neighbor to Neighbor, a Jobs for Life (JfL) site and community ministry…


Experience 30 Days of Poverty

Over 14 millions Americans are unemployed. Now, imagine you're one of them… …


Another Chance to Find Purpose

Sometimes life doesn’t make sense when you are in the middle of it. …


Inside the Wire: A Conversation with Scott Jamieson of Church of Another Chance in Nashville

Scott Jamieson grew up believing that being successful was what life was all about. He went to college, excelled in his career, and become the CEO of a business in Baltimore by the age of 37. But he…


Hours of work needed to afford rent

Jobs for Life longs for the ‎Church to “flip the list” and engage in the fight to help all brothers and sisters find and keep living-wage work. Because "anyone who has ever…


Incarceration: My Love Walk

Miea Walker is the Training and Re-entry Specialist with Jobs for Life. Her own life journey through brokenness and shame led to serving a 9 year sentence. This is where she met God in an entirely new…


Where Head & Heart Meet Hands & Feet: A Conversation with Dan Boone of Trevecca Nazarene University

When we think of higher education, we typically think of lectures in classrooms led by professors. At Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, they are taking learning to the streets and…

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