The Rhetoric of Love - Reflections on Charleston and Orlando

What makes people so unkind and hurtful to one another? Where does this come from? In response, why are we labeling rather than listening? Why is it easier to wrap our arms around negativity and blaming rather than each other? And how should we, as the Church, respond?


The Road to Spiritual Recovery for the Individual and the Church

Dr. Anderson Spickard, a medical doctor with over 40 years of experience in addiction medicine and James Butler, a recovering addict, join forces to discuss the issue of addiction that impacts each…

The Transition from Benevolence to Relational Ministry

“The wealthy are in poverty. They struggle with thinking they have the answer. Just as we did at one point.” - Bryan Lewis, Executive Director of Hope House …


The Redeeming Work of God: A Conversation with Seth & Andrea Sears in Costa Rica

Seth and Andrea Sears were challenged to really know Jesus and understand the Lord’s will for their lives. After they read Ron Sider’s book, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, they felt…


How Can We Revolutionize the Business World? Part Two of a Conversation with Hugh Whelchel of IFWE

This is Part Two of a series of two podcast episodes. In this episode, we explore the meaning of shalom and begin to understand our role to bring it about in the workplace today.


Why Is Your Work Important?

At Jobs for Life (JfL), we’re always asking ourselves, “Why is our work important?” Perhaps it’s important because it answers this question by Johann Baptist Metz: …


The Purpose of Our Work: Part One of a Conversation with Hugh Whelchel of IFWE

This is Part One of a series of two podcast episodes. In this episode, Hugh discusses the importance of our work in helping the world flourish and understanding the full call of the Gospel in redemption and restoration of the world. This shift in the way we think about work, brings hope, purpose and meaning that our lives can be extraordinary.


What Does God Say About The Poor?

Throughout Scripture we see so many examples of God's heart for those who are impoverished, vulnerable, and living in poverty. From His commands concerning the treatment of widows and orphans to…

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