A Prayer for Faith, Work, & Worship (Day Three of the "Week of Prayer")

>> Listen to Day Three of the 2016 Week of Prayer on "Faith, Work, & Worship" …


A Prayer for Unity (Day Two of the "Week of Prayer")

>> Listen to the recording from Day Two of the 2016 Week of Prayer on Unity …


A Prayer on Fasting (Day One of the "Week of Prayer")

>> Listen to the audio recording from Monday's prayer on fasting …


When Church & Business Dream Together

Wouldn’t it be funny if the church had it’s own BBQ sauce? This is what can happen out of relationships. …


Our Journey Through Jobs for Life

As an organization that grew out of Stairway Church, Hilltop Foundation exists to connect people to their dreams for relief from poverty of body, mind and spirit. They are committed to empowering…


You Are Never Too Young to Be an Entrepreneur

In this podcast episode, David Spickard met with Keith Greer, and his Dad, Peter, at their home in Lancaster, PA to discuss the book they wrote together on entrepreneurship. Peter is the President and…


Individual Recovery to Community Transformation

This is part 2 of a series of 2 podcast episodes where James Butler and Dr. Anderson Spickard discuss the issue of addiction that impacts each and every one of us in some way.


A Providing Father

In specific moments, when my kids are waking me up at 2AM, or scratching my car with their bikes, or standing in the middle of the dining room table, I may not recognize my innate love for them. Instead, it’s those moments when things slow down and I stop to realize how full they make life that I am overwhelmed by the richness they bring. I may not love their eye rolling moments, but I do love rolling down the road on a family trip knowing we are making moments money can’t buy. And I love providing for them.

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