We Had a Party Because He Lost His Job

It sounds weird right? And then it hit me – you can’t lose a job if you don’t have a job! Jerry learned from our class that failure was actually a component of success, and that failing was not the issue, only failing to get back up. He got up, kept moving forward and is still working today…and looking for a second job!


Access to the JfL Digital Curriculum

For over 20 years, Jobs for Life (JfL) has engaged and equipped the Church to help prepare individuals for meaningful work. By utilizing the Biblically-based, work-readiness JfL curriculum, churches,…


New Year, New Opportunities

A new year brings with it new opportunities and fresh perspectives for JfL, and we're excited to share the ways in which this will bring value to you and your ministry in 2018. …


From Those To These

This has been a divisive couple of weeks. From that superficial rivalry between Chicago vs Cleveland in a game, to this country’s visceral struggle to select a leader. …


Failure - A Conversation with Peter Greer of Hope International

Are you afraid to fail? As a leader, do you feel like you need to have it all together to be the kind of leader you need to be? In this podcast, David Spickard meets with HOPE International CEO,…


Can You Measure A Miracle?

Can you measure a miracle? Of course not! …


A Prayer about Addiction (Day Five of the "Week of Prayer")

>> Listen to the recording from day five of the "Week of Prayer" …


A Prayer About Human Trafficking (Day Four of the "Week of Prayer")

>> Listen to the recording from Day Four of our "Week of Prayer" about Human Trafficking …

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