My Gifts: Four Guys, Four Ladies, Two Red Heads and a Chief Encouragement Officer


love-my-jobI love my job! How often do you hear that? I rarely hear it. Usually when you hear about someone’s workplace there is an underlying tone of drudgery, hardship, and I can’t wait until its Friday attitude. And I cannot tell a lie. I have experienced this negative sentiment in prior years.  There are many reasons why I, like so many others, have felt this way. Burnout, glass ceilings, position lacking passion, and an inadequate understanding of work are all reasons why people hate their jobs. (If it is difficult for you to see the divine nature of your work, you should read Chris Horst’s, blog “I’m Living the Dream”. It will bless you and give you a greater understanding about the blessing of all work.)

But, back to why I love my job. IMG_8226 copyThere are so many reasons, but one in particular that keeps me going each day. You may guess it is because of Jobs for Life’s mission and impact. We engage and equip hundreds of churches to address the devastating impacts of joblessness through the dignity of work. As a result, over 4,000 men and women were served this year. That’s a blessing and I’m grateful for how God has worked. But when you work in the background like I do it gets difficult to keep this reality in the forefront. What keeps me going and is one of the best parts of my job is working with my colleagues – Four guys, four ladies, two red heads and a chief encouragement officer. They are committed, hardworking and talented beyond measure. They all have gifts that I get to receive each day. One has the gift of giving grace. One has the gift to gather and inspire. Another the gift of unwavering faith. And another the gift of connecting and building meaningful relationships.


LaurelAnd now, we have a new colleague that has joined Jobs for Life.  Laurel DeLuca is the new Development Support Specialist. She is responsible for helping us care for and serve our donors well.  In addition to her experience in fundraising, we are excited about Laurel joining our team because of her love for Jesus and how she has demonstrated her ability to work well with others. I can’t wait to see how God will use Laurel to bless Jobs for Life and build His Kingdom.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not always roses and sunshine. We have been thrust into the complexities and struggles of humanity, sin and miscommunication. By God’s grace and His Holy Spirit we have overcome and have sought to understand and reconcile. But, more often than not, encouragementrespecthumilitya whole lot of prayer and even more laughter is what I witness regularly.

PresentsSo, this Christmas, I admonish you to think of all the gifts that work alongside you each and everyday. Someone covered for you. A manager took you underneath his/her wing. That administrative assistant encouraged you. And someone took a chance on you. If you think about it, you will realize that you have received thousands of gifts with value that is priceless and eternal. That’s what I’m thinking about this year: my gifts – four guys, four ladies, two red heads and a chief encouragement officer.

Merry Christmas to my JfL family!


About The Author

LaToya King

LaToya King, Jobs for Life, Director of Operations

LaToya grew in the Oakland, CA flat-lands witnessing first-hand the devastating impacts of poverty on communities. This experience has compelled her to use her business degrees and 12 years of professional experience in real estate finance and community development to dedicate her life to helping those in need find and keep meaningful employment. LaToya joined the JfL family in 2013, after serving one year as a board member. As the one managing operational activities, it is LaToya’s job to make sure JfL is running smoothly and efficiently as possible. LaToya loves excel spreadsheets, To Do Lists and her wonderful husband, Omar King.