Giving Dignity in Costa Rica

Recently our CEO, David Spickard, was blessed with the opportunity to visit one of our sites in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Jobs for Life (JfL) sites are currently developing all over the world!  God was definitely the driving factor in the start of the Costa Rica site.  Dan Jenkins and his wife, Sue, are missionaries with ReachGlobal.  Dan contacted us after readingWhen Helping Hurts.  The very same week, Seth and Andrea Sears contacted us because of the book; they too are missionaries based in Costa Rica.  Dan knew of the Sears but had not connected with them deeply.  The two families have since joined efforts and Andrea is currently working on translating the JfL curriculum into Spanish!

Join us for a glimpse into part of David’s time in Costa Rica.  We promise you, this is only the beginning of great things to come through God’s Glory and with your continued prayers and support.  Here are a few excerpts from updates David shared with JfL staff and board members during his time in Costa Rica:

Wednesday, June 27th

Hola from Costa Rica!  We made it in fine yesterday and have had a great first day.  Last night I attended JfL class at Vida Abundante del Este, where Dan Jenkins worships.  The pastor there, Mario, and his team have wanted to do a significant work ministry for some time.  Much to say, an incredible blessing!  It really is surreal to be sitting in a room outside of San Jose, CR experiencing a JfL business roundtable and feeling like I was sitting in any city in the US watching the same thing.  Got goosebumps considering how the Lord has spread JfL and the way He is using it to reach so many people.  Guiselle, the instructor is amazing!  She came up to me and said “Jobs for Life is my life!”  Wow!

During the class I attended, there was an “argument” from the students that they did not want to take July off (July is a break in Costa Rica – people take vacations, so they did not schedule any classes).  That did not sit well with the students.  They decided to take just two weeks off and come back the middle of July.

Friday, June 29th

Buenos días!

We toured La Carpio yesterday – a slum outside of San Jose.  We were hosted by Seth and Andrea Sears who are missionaries with Christ for the City.  A family of 5 in La Carpio lives on $2/day.  It’s an isolated community of 30,000 people next to the city dump and an electrical plant. Just a few schools in the community for elementary children – middle and high schools are far away.  Most kids only make it to the 6th grade because of the cost to go to high school – cost of books, uniforms, and busing.  In particular, the girls drop out because they are asked to take care of the younger siblings – cook and clean – while the parents (mostly mothers) try to find work.  Plus there is a really low value of women in the community.  #1 problem – sex trafficking.

Seth and Andrea are planning to begin JfL in La Carpio at the beginning of next year.  Andrea is one of the individuals who has been translating our materials into Spanish.  She feels JfL will have a significant impact on the way people view themselves and understand their value.  Can’t wait to get started as there is no ministry to adults in La Carpio to help them understand God’s design for work.

Went to dinner last night a Vida Abundante del Este where the JfL class is held (church of 1,000) with the pastor and his wife along with the JfL team of leaders.  They all gave testimony to what the Lord is doing through the class.  Guiselle, the instructor, says it helps people see that God is alive.  There are 8 Vida Abundante churches in Costa Rica.  They hope to have JfL in each of them.  Then the pastor and others talked about how much JfL is needed in other Latin American countries where they have contacts.  I brought some Give Dignity shirts to give out to the group.  As you can see, they love them!

God is good.

Saturday, June 30th

Had an opportunity to speak this morning at Vida Abundante del Este on the dignity of work.  Great audience and response.  Such energy in the room for our mission and a deep desire to see it spread across Latin America.  So, we can pray for next steps – wisdom, vision, and resources.

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  • Follow the Sears’ blog Rich in Faith
  • Read an article, La Vida Plena, by Dan Jenkins