The Redeeming Work of God: A Conversation with Seth & Andrea Sears in Costa Rica

A Conversation with Seth & Andrea Sears in Costa Rica


Seth and Andrea Sears were challenged to really know Jesus and understand the Lord’s will for their lives. After they read Ron Sider’s book, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, they felt more convicted than ever. After many prayers and vision trips, Seth and Andrea Sears moved to Costa Rica 7 years ago with their children. They began an organization called giveDIGNITY that focuses on restoring the dignity of those living in extreme poverty, primarily through holistic development initiatives that support employment, education, and prevention of violence.

In this podcast, David Spickard is with the Sears in Costa Rica speaking with them about their ministry, how it has impacted their family, and their challenges and dreams. 

There is a universal need for work that crosses all cultural barriers. The Sears use the Jobs for Life platform to help people in La Carpio, a community located next to the city dump just outside of San Jose, find and keep meaningful work as part of their process in addressing needs at different stages of life. 

Andrea Sears reminds us, “no matter how ugly or messy these situations get that cause us strain and worry. I know He can redeem that. It is not up to me. It is up to Him.” 

Times and Key Themes:

1:18…Called to the mission field to care for the poor
3:49…The emotions of living in the middle of need
5:00…Seeing past the physical to truly understand poverty in La Carpio
7:16…Seeing dignity through education and work
11:39…Participating in ministry as a family & truly learning about forgiveness and grace
16:03…Building community ownership and sustainability
20:36…Addressing life needs: violence prevention, education & job training 
22:08…The biggest surprises in this ministry: acceptance & deep transformation
26:15…How can the church engage
27:50…Prayers, challenges & hope

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