A Week with John Perkins - Video #1: The History of His Ministry



One week from today, CCDA (Christian Community Development Association) will be holding their National Conference in Memphis, TN. Every year, thousands of leaders from churches and ministries all over the world come together at this annual event to learn and share best practices with each other, and to encourage and celebrate with the body of Christ as they continue to understand what it means to serve in their communities.

The roots of CCDA stretch back to 1960 when its co-founder, Dr. John Perkins (along with his wife, Vera Mae) relocated their family to the community of Mendenhall, Mississippi to work with the people there. John and Vera Mae devoted thirty-five years to living out the principles of Christian Community Development in Mississippi and California, leaving behind ministries and churches, like Voice of Calvary (founded in 1975), that are now headed by indigenous Christian leaders.

This summer we had the honor and privilege of spending an afternoon with Dr. Perkins as he toured us around Jackson and Mendenhall, Mississippi, where his ministry began more than 5 decades ago. Along with David Spickard (CEO of Jobs for Life) and Byron McMillan (Director of Content and Training at Jobs for Life) we spent most of the day touring through the Mendenhall countryside with Dr. Perkins as he showed us where he spent the early moments of his ministry—on front porches, in tents scattered in fields, and in a small country church. He shared with us his theology on work, the ministry of reconciliation, the power of community and the local Church, and his plans for the future.

This video gives a small glimpse into our day with Dr. Perkins, focusing on the history of his ministry. During the next few days we will continue to share moments from this trip, and the wisdom and knowledge that Dr. Perkins passed along to us.

Dr. Perkins has had a profound impact on our work at Jobs for Life. As he states at the end of the video, he and his brothers and sisters at Voice of Calvary "layed the seed" for the work we are doing today. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to spend an afternoon with one of our heroes.



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