Podcast (Episode #10): Restoring Baltimore - A Drive with Pastor Rod Hairston

A Drive with Pastor Rod Hairston


After the riots in Baltimore, David Spickard was invited by Pastor Rod Hairston, pastor of Messiah Community Church located just outside of the city, to see the neighborhoods where the violence took place. 

Pastor Rod served 14 seasons as team chaplain of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. As a leader of a suburban church, he felt disconnected from the riots while they were happening. Instead of witnessing the events on the news, he and several other pastors took to the streets with the hopes of beginning the healing process. What they experienced was fear and intimidation that would help them begin to formulate a plan for the future of the city. A big part of that plan is jobs and the type of character building that comes from encouraging others to walk in their purpose and identity in Christ. As Pastor Rod says, “The only hope here is the Church.”

Baltimore isn’t that different from the struggles many encounter in our inner cities. But they experienced a tipping point —a cry out for change. How are we to respond as the Church?

>> Click here to read David's blog post and learn more about his drive through the streets of Baltimore with Pastor Rod Hairston.





Podcast Overview:


0:47……The reaction of the riots & the disparity of our differences

2:00……What Freddy Gray’s death triggered in the community

2:33……Growing up in poverty

4:50……The Church impact in the community

5:23……Business can make a difference

6:40……Motivating people to move toward being employable for life

7:45……Food as an integral part of community restoration

8:15……Business investment and development

8:32……Character of the community

9:12……Parents as vision casters and role models

11:02……Connection of jobs to dignity

11:34……Creating an environment to be vulnerable

12:53……What is next? Helping people become employable.

15:12……“Work is the new G” - People want to work.

16:15……The Church’s role in providing calm & presence in the midst of turmoil

18:05……The past to the present. God is always reaching somebody

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