Introducing the Updated Online Network

The Jobs for Life Online Network is a web-based platform we designed and put in place last year to help mobilize and connect the Church to address joblessness. Since launching the Online Network a year ago, we have listened to your feedback and have made some updates: 

  1. The registration process is quicker and easier. Due to this change, we hope even more churches and organizations can join our JfL family so we can have an even bigger impact. 
  2. With the mobile-friendly interface, you can spend less time managing data. It makes it easy to track participants. You can manage your class by adding student and volunteer data, taking class attendance and tracking homework tasks on your smartphone. 
  3. More ways to share stories. Now, you can share your stories quicker, easier, and in multiple ways through the stories format and social media outlets right on the Online Network home page. You can like, share, comment through the network, linking to your facebook, instagram, twitter or google + accounts. It is so important for us to celebrate success with each other. Your stories renew the spirit and purpose behind all we do. They will uplift and encourage others more than you can imagine. 


‚ÄčJust like our spiritual journey, we are never at a place of perfection. We are continually learning, growing, and changing. We need the input of others to help us develop. Our Online Network is no exception. As the Network continues to evolve, your participation makes all the difference! Leave us a comment on the Forums, telling us what you like, what needs to change, and ideas on how we can make it better.

You are the experts! You are doing phenomenal work. We want to celebrate and elevate all you are doing to address joblessness in your city. It is our hope that the Network connects and mobilizes the Church to flip the way we solve poverty.

So connect with us; mobilize with us; and flip with us today.

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About The Author

Alex Ford

Alex Ford, Marketing and Communications Manager

Alex grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina, later moving to Raleigh where he earned his degree in Graphic Design from the College of Design at North Carolina State University. He now works at Jobs for Life, where he is able to combine his love for design and marketing with his passion for community development and serving those in need. Alex lives in Raleigh with his beautiful wife, Caroline, and spends his free time playing basketball, hiking, and volunteering at Neighbor to Neighbor in downtown Raleigh.