Podcast (Episode #1): Hope in Ferguson

Hope in Ferguson


In today's Jobs for Life podcast episode, "Hope in Ferguson", JfL CEO David Spickard has the unique opportunity to speak with Jerome Jenkins, and his brother, Pastor Ken Jenkins, to get their perspective on all that has taken place in Ferguson, Missouri. It's easy to miss, but as you'll hear in this episode, there is much hope in Ferguson.

You can also visit davidspickard.com to learn more about David's trip to Ferguson and hear more insights in his discussion with both Jerome and Pastor Ken.

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David Spickard

David Spickard, Jobs for Life, President & CEO

Husband, dad, son, brother; born in Nashville, TN; lives in Raleigh, NC; adores his wife, Alice, four children and anything Carolina Blue; member of Christ the King; CEO at Jobs for Life. You can follow David at www.davidspickard.com and @davidbspickard.


Andy Spickard
Loved the first podcast and the web site on Ferguson. What I was thinking is that I hope there is a follow-up of what the Jerome and Pastor Ken planned to do with the gas station, restaurant and grocery store. The main prevention strategies from listening to this podcast is to provide opportunities for relationships to develop between groups and provide jobs for all.
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