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Can You Measure A Miracle?

Can you measure a miracle? Of course not! …


The Rhetoric of Love - Reflections on Charleston and Orlando

What makes people so unkind and hurtful to one another? Where does this come from? In response, why are we labeling rather than listening? Why is it easier to wrap our arms around negativity and blaming rather than each other? And how should we, as the Church, respond?


How Can We Revolutionize the Business World? Part Two of a Conversation with Hugh Whelchel of IFWE

This is Part Two of a series of two podcast episodes. In this episode, we explore the meaning of shalom and begin to understand our role to bring it about in the workplace today.


Why Is Your Work Important?

At Jobs for Life (JfL), we’re always asking ourselves, “Why is our work important?” Perhaps it’s important because it answers this question by Johann Baptist Metz: …


What Does God Say About The Poor?

Throughout Scripture we see so many examples of God's heart for those who are impoverished, vulnerable, and living in poverty. From His commands concerning the treatment of widows and orphans to…


What Is God Calling Us To Do?

As a Jobs for Life (JfL) staff, we meet every Wednesday morning to pray, study the Word or a meaningful book as well as to strategize, plan and dream together. At a recent staff meeting we wrestled…


Podcast (Episode #11): Bold and Winsome Faith - A Conversation with Scott Sauls

This week's podcast features a conversation with Scott Sauls, Senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to moving to Nashville, Scott was a lead and preaching…


A Week with John Perkins - Video #1: The History of His Ministry


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