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Podcast (Episode #1): Hope in Ferguson

In today's Jobs for Life podcast episode, "Hope in Ferguson", JfL CEO David Spickard has the unique opportunity to speak with Jerome Jenkins, and his brother, Pastor Ken Jenkins, to get…


CCDA: Tackling Hard Questions with Life Giving Solutions

In 1997, I was living in Birmingham working as a business analyst for a consulting firm. One evening, I saw a flyer announcing the national conference for the Christian Community Development…


Exciting Day for Jobs for Life

Today is an exciting day for Jobs for Life. After much prayer and planning, we are changing the way we serve our sites, leaders, and volunteers. …


What if the Church Flipped the List?

The effects of a lack of work are pervasive and self-perpetuating. When people do not work, there is more poverty, crime, recidivism, homelessness, divorce, unwanted pregnancies, substance abuse,…


Working with the Poor: Dead End Ahead

“They won’t respond to us. We’ve reached out but they are not interested in reconciliation. They want the relationship to end.” …


A Holiday Giving Guide: Stop Giving to the Poor

Recently, a friend of mine, Stephanie, shared with me an experience she and her family had last year during the holidays. They had been invited by friends to be on the receiving end of a toy giveaway…


Sabbatical Lessons...One year later

Last summer, the summer of 2012, the Jobs for Life (JfL) Board gave me a sabbatical. I don’t know if it was because I had lost all the color in my face (what little I have) or looked like I…


Six Words to a Pathway Out of Oppression

“April” says she first ran away from home at age 14 after enduring years of sexual abuse by her grandfather. She met two girls who had jewelry, cars and popularity. April wanted that,…

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