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We Had a Party Because He Lost His Job

It sounds weird right? And then it hit me – you can’t lose a job if you don’t have a job! Jerry learned from our class that failure was actually a component of success, and that failing was not the issue, only failing to get back up. He got up, kept moving forward and is still working today…and looking for a second job!


Our Journey Through Jobs for Life

As an organization that grew out of Stairway Church, Hilltop Foundation exists to connect people to their dreams for relief from poverty of body, mind and spirit. They are committed to empowering…


I’m Thankful…For The One

(Editor's Note: This is a guest blog post written by Marty Imper, Administrative Assistant and Jobs for Life Instructor at Attack Poverty in Richmond, Texas.) …


The Real Champions

I have the amazing privilege of serving on staff with Jobs for Life (JfL) – it has been such a joy to work for a wonderful organization for the past year and a half. One of my main focuses as…


Podcast (Episode #4): From A Life Sentence To A Life Of Hope - A Conversation With Dwight Hunter

This week’s podcast episode features a conversation with Dwight Hunter. Dwight is a Jobs for Life graduate and owns his own cleaning business. Having been incarcerated for 28 years, he describes…


Where Are All The Students?

“We have set everything up, put the word out, yet no one is coming to our class.” “Is there something wrong with the way we are marketing or advertising our Jobs for Life class?” As 2015 classes get under way across the country, these are some of the questions being asked by Jobs for Life (JfL) site leadership teams.


When the Church Intervenes

Introducing our guest blogger, Daisy Buitrago! Daisy is a JfL graduate from Dorcas Ministries in Cary, NC. She courageously tells her personal story of how her life changed when the Local Church…


Six Words to a Pathway Out of Oppression

“April” says she first ran away from home at age 14 after enduring years of sexual abuse by her grandfather. She met two girls who had jewelry, cars and popularity. April wanted that,…

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