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From Those To These

This has been a divisive couple of weeks. From that superficial rivalry between Chicago vs Cleveland in a game, to this country’s visceral struggle to select a leader. …


Scrubs and Stones

He wore what I believe are called ‘scrubs’. You know what I mean—loose fitting. Comfortable. Pastel. Cool. Doctors wear green, dentists blue, nurses pink. When I see someone wearing…


Trinkets, Surrogates, and the Tragically Hip

I like gift shops. …


What's In It For You?

Our bodies are about 60% water. Since moving to TN, I have become more aware of that fact. The summers are hot, and when navigating life during that time of the year – I tend to…


Happy Valentine's Day

An odd pleasantry at the end of August, don’t you agree? It’s for effect. It’s to get your attention. These days ‘Happy Labor Day’, just does not seem to carry as much…


The Gift of Anger

Many evenings I come home feeling angry – and, truth be told, sometimes I feel like I’m walking on the edge of depression. …




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