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Access to the JfL Digital Curriculum

For over 20 years, Jobs for Life (JfL) has engaged and equipped the Church to help prepare individuals for meaningful work. By utilizing the Biblically-based, work-readiness JfL curriculum, churches,…


Can You Measure A Miracle?

Can you measure a miracle? Of course not! …


Pray for Those Living in Poverty

There are 702 million people around the world living on less than $1.25 per day. In the United States, alone, 45 million people live below the poverty line. Some would assume the definition and…


How To Add A Class on The Online Network

You are a Jobs for Life Network member and have created your account on the Online Network. You have recruited your team for your upcoming class and now you are wondering, “How do I recruit…


The Church Can Learn From the Movie Selma

After I watched the movie Selma, I walked away in silent awe. From the jaw-dropping, explosive beginning to the inspirational end, this movie gripped and pulled me into the tumultuous Civil Rights movement and it left me thinking…


Top 10 Reasons Why Churches Don't Focus on Work to Attack Poverty

Last week we learned that only 1.9% of churches’ outreach ministries focus on helping those in need find and keep meaningful work. The majority focuses on providing food, clothing, and shelter.…


My Gifts: Four Guys, Four Ladies, Two Red Heads and a Chief Encouragement Officer

I love my job! How often do you hear that? I rarely hear it. Usually when you hear about someone’s workplace there is an underlying tone of drudgery, hardship, and I can’t wait until its…


Stop Blaming the Poor for Obamacare

Facebook…you love it or hate it. It is a forum where your “friends” update you on their lives and it serves as an outlet for them to express what’s on their minds. I love…

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