Overview of "Labor Day for Dignity" Table Captains

As a Table Captain for the 2019 "Labor Day for Dignity" event, you are joining with Jobs for Life to help further the mission of preparing individuals for meaningful work. This event is Jobs for Life’s premier fundraiser of 2019 and gives us an opportunity to not only celebrate the creative ways people are helping their neighbors flourish in their work and relationships, but also to help sustain this ministry and expand the local and national impact.

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Your main responsibility as a Table Captain is to invite your network to the event, and fill your table (10 seats total) with individuals who have the capacity to share their resources and help sustain and further the impact of Jobs for Life. While this is a ticketed dinner ($100/ticket), your guests will also be given several opportunities that night to make a further donation.

If you are interested in joining us as a Table Captain, please let contact Ryan Ray (rray@jobsforlife.org). Thank you for partnering with Jobs for Life to change lives and transform communities!

Table Captain Roles

Your main responsibilities as a Table Captain include:

  • Inviting individuals in your network (who have the capacity to give and support JfL’s mission and vision) to a wonderful evening of dinner and celebration.
  • Filling a table of 10 (nine guests and yourself).
  • Making sure all your guests register by 8/5.

Resources for Inviting Your Guests

When inviting your guests, please send them this link to register: jobsforlife.org/ldFD2019

>> Download event promo flyer (PDF - 700KB)

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Who to invite?

As a Table Captain, this is your opportunity to invite your network to get involved with Jobs for Life (specifically people who are brand new to the organization!) and to support the mission of preparing people for meaningful work. This is a fundraising dinner, so think about who would have the capacity to make a financial contribution to Jobs for Life. (Think of all your circles—family, neighbors, co-workers, clients, church members, other ministries and community agencies, etc.)

When and How to invite?

Your guests must register by August 5, so please begin contacting your guest list as soon as you commit to being a Table Captain. Your job is to fill your table of ten (nine guests plus yourself), so we suggest making a list of at least 20 potential guests, and ranking them in order of their likelihood to attend.

As you know, Jobs for Life is all about relationships! With that in mind, we suggest you contact each guest in the method best suited to your relationship with them. Call, text, message, email, send a message through social media—or try a combination of ways! Remember that most people need more than one reminder, so continue to reach out until you receive a response.


If you have any questions or issues, please contact Lesa Howard at lhoward@jobsforlife.org.

Thank you for your support and involvement with our Labor Day for Dignity event!