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Come together to worship, learn, and be inspired by fellow ministry leaders.

Join Jobs for Life leaders and practitioners from around the world who are passionate about creating sustainable change in their communities and helping people flourish in their work and relationships. Learn best practices, get equipped with new resources and strategies, build new connections, and be inspired by stories from fellow ministry leaders who are changing lives and transforming communities through meaningful work.

Foundational Message: Matthew 5:16
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

Incredible workshops with dynamic presenters.
From engaging the business community to racial reconciliation and serving the refugee community. More details below (click here).

If you're a Jobs for Life leader or volunteer, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to connect with other JfL leaders from around the world. We hope to see you in Raleigh in April!

2019 JfL Global Leadership Gathering
Location: Providence Baptist Church • 6339 Glenwood Ave • Raleigh, NC 27612
Dates & Times: Thursday, April 25, 2019 (8:30AM–5:00PM) -
Friday, April 26, 2019 (8:30AM–5:00PM)
New, Reduced Price! $99/person (original price: $249 - lowered, thanks to generous donors!)

Contact: training@jobsforlife.org

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Breakout Sessions and Presenters:

Thursday, April 25 / Breakout Session #1 (choose from one of the sessions below):

God's Economy of Togetherness
(Presenter: Jerilyn Sanders)

Throughout Scripture, the people are God are given a vision for an economy different than the mainstream American system. In this workshop, we’ll explore how God’s people can push toward His economic design for togetherness in the way we live, work, and manage money. We’ll specifically consider: How can we empower low-income people to flourish in their finances, work, and relationships? How can we equip middle- and upper-income Christians to bend economic systems toward justice, empowerment, and togetherness? This participatory workshop will explore both biblical frameworks and practical tools.

Accountability and Transparency: Centering the Voices of Formerly Incarcerated People
(Presenter: Miea Walker)

This workshop focuses on how to be accountable and transparent when working with formerly incarcerated individuals. As organizations expand staffing capacity to include the voices of people who have been impacted by incarceration, the goal is to encourage and create opportunities for colleagues to work with formerly incarcerated individuals in a professional environment. Through our personal expertise, we will discuss the importance of accountability, transparency, and structure in order to create an environment that is both welcoming and understanding the unique needs of this population.

The Great Requirement: A Justification for Justice
(Presenter: Keynon Akers)

North America, have we become so consumed with protecting who is right that our churches have forgotten to do what is right? Keynon Akers will discuss the importance of recovering and pursuing God‘s original design for holistic health of those justified by faith. We have a Great Commandment to love and a Great Commission make disciples. We also have a Great Requirement to do justice. By God’s Spirit, we should offer Him a spiritual commitment of the heart from which right behavior would ensue.

Thursday, April 25 / Breakout Session #2 (choose from one of the sessions below):

A Guide to Refugee Job Readiness: Common Employment Barriers Facing Refugees and Immigrants
(Presenter: Lauren Brockett)

Preparing interfaith dialogue through JfL content, general cultural competency, an understanding of , answers to commonly asked questions from both refugees, immigrants and practitioners working directly with refugee populations (including immigrant work-visas, time-sensitive work placement, partnering with nationally-recognized refugee resettlement offices).

Empowering Individuals & Communities through Social Entrepreneurship
(Presenter: Sheyenne Kreamer)

Attendees will learn the 3-C approach to a work study model that provides hands-on training in entreprenuerial skills while encouraging people to take beginning steps to implement their social-impact visions. Combining the power of Our Creator, with mentoring, cash-flow and collaboration, we can lift up more people while solving more of our own problems!

Increasing Student Engagement in Your JfL Class
(Presenter: Jessie Hathcock)

Come learn best practices to increase student engagement from the initial application all the way to graduation and beyond! Explore practical strategies to empower students' participation and "own" their learning throughout class.

Thursday, April 25 / Breakout Session #3 (choose from one of the sessions below):

Powered for Life Association – A new entrepreneurial international training model
(Presenter: Rick & Suzanne Flammer)

This program was developed over a three year period in Welkom, South Africa combining business skills, Biblical Purpose and hands on business operations training. African businesses rarely hire or trust youth under 30 because they have no understanding of business operations, teamwork, moral responsibility nor do they have even limited work experience. PFLA trains and then stipends students in its on – site small businesses. The training includes: Business skills: development of entrepreneurial and job skills based on Powered for Life mini enterprise, Junior Achievement, and work experience. Bible based business ethics: focused on purpose, responsibility, ethics and living out the gospel in their communities. In this session you will participate in and experience a few of our interactive training modules.

Transforming your Community with a JfL City Network
(Presenter: Jessie Hathcock & Lesa Howard)

Do you have a desire to see more Jobs for Life Sites in your city? Do you have a desire to connect with other stakeholders and decision makers in your city? If so, this session is for you. In this session you will learn strategies and practical steps to collaborate with ministry leaders, City and County Officials to build a City Network that will transform your community with Jobs for Life.

iLEAD: Developing an Effective and Committed Site Leadership Team
(Presenter: Margaret Jones)

Are you having challenges with volunteer retention or leadership commitment? In this session, participants will learn the fundamentals on how to create and develop an effective and committed Site Leadership Team.

Friday, April 26 / Breakout Session #1 (choose from one of the sessions below):

Come To Prison With Us
(Presenters: Pat Blandford and Bob Wall)

“Out of sight, out of mind.” “They got what they deserved.” Frequent opinions about American’s incarcerated millions. But the overwhelming majority of inmates will return to society, often homeless, penniless and jobless. Talk about fertile ground just made for Jobs for Life! This breakout session will address the possibilities for bringing JfL into America’s prisons and jails, with its potential to transform lives, renewing identity and returning purpose and dignity to those who need it so badly. Could this be a “made-for-you” JfL opportunity? Your facilitators have worked in prison ministry for years using Jobs for Life and we’d love to explore that question with you and offer resources to help make it happen.

Successful Strategies for Proposal Writing
(Presenter: Kia Baker)

In today’s philanthropic environment, grantseeking is extremely competitive. The ability to secure external funding for programs and services is a necessary skill. On average, over $50B is awarded annually through foundations and corporations. Applying for funding is definitely worth it for organizations that are committed to the process and also balance the art and science of proposal writing. A well-developed proposal can build an organization’s credibility with funders interested in impacting a community in a larger scale. Even though proposals are not guaranteed, they are a significant financial source of revenue for organizations. Successful Strategies for Proposal Writing is an interactive workshop that utilizes a step-by-step approach to help participants develop a competitive proposal. The outcome for this workshop is to increase participants understanding of how to write a concise and targeted proposal, understand the eight components of a proposal and identify five potential funders.

Maximizing Marketability in an Evolving Hiring Landscape
(Presenter: DeAnna Jackson)

The hiring landscape is evolving daily to help employers fulfill their demand for employees effectively and efficiently. Some of these changes include integrating artificial intelligence into applicant tracking systems, restructuring jobs descriptions to require certifications, and relying more on staffing agencies to meet initial high volume recruitment needs. This session is designed to provide education on some of the recent trends and tools to overcome the obstacles they have created.

Friday, April 26 / Breakout Session #2 (choose from one of the sessions below):

Powered for Life – A dynamic program for motivating and training unemployed youth
(Presenters: Rick and Suzanne Flammer)

Unemployed youth face tremendous challenges and so do those training students for employment. This session will show how the Powered for Life curriculum uses Proverbs, parables and stories of Biblical heroes, to inspire students to focus on discovering their purpose, responsibility and business ethics. Videos, role plays, interactive games and exercises open their minds to the gospel as well as the skills needed to be successful in the work place and their community. This session will allow you to experience examples of exercises from some of the 16 lessons enabling attendees to gain a better appreciation of the Powered for Life course impact.

Where Are All The Students? Best Practices For Student Recruitment & Engagement In The JfL Class
(Presenter: Alex Ford)

The phrase “If you build it, they will come” may have worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to your Jobs for Life class. This ministry is powered by relationships, and recruiting students for your class is no different. Putting up flyers in the neighborhood or placing an online ad is not enough—a successful Jobs for Life class requires building relationships from the very start! In this workshop, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of student recruitment, best practices for being an effective student relations leader, and valuable tips for strengthening class relationships throughout the course of your JfL class—and how to keep the conversations going after graduation. Attendees will walk away with a step-by-step action plan to create or improve upon their student recruitment and relationship building strategies.

Business Leadership Recruitment
(Presenter: Jessie Hathcock)

God created work. He created workers. And He created employers. How do we get each of these into the same discussion around our JfL ministry? In today's economy, the need for reliable employees is unmatched. While unemployment is at an all time low, 84% of workers are disengaged and many find themselves underemployed. In this workshop we will explore how to mobilize businesses to engage in the work of Jobs for Life . We will discuss why your JfL ministry is a great benefit to businesses in the community, and you will hear from various local and national leaders in business about why they are a part of JfL.

Friday, April 26 / Breakout Session #3 (choose from one of the sessions below):

Sharing Your e-Story
(Presenter: Tamisha Thomas)

Digital storytelling is all around us; videos, podcasts, and commercials use words paired with images to share meaningful stories with a wide range of people. Digital storytelling helps us connect to people no matter where they are located. We can learn a great deal about each other from our smart phones, tablets, and computers. Digital storytelling adds to regular storytelling by allowing the storyteller to include images, pictures, music, and other things to their story. This workshop will help you plan, organize, and make a digital story to broadcast live to the web.

Champion Boot Camp
(Presenter: Coach Shay Bethea)

In this session leaders will walk away with a deeper understanding of how the role of a champion is vitally important and how having the right heart posture is critical when cultivating relationships with job seekers.

Leadership Fatigue
Presenter: LaToya King)

Leaders do what is necessary to further the mission. They are high capacity people who will work late, do what needs to get done, plug the holes, and get their hands dirty. In the process of getting a lot done and advancing the mission, some lose their way. After spending so much time getting the job done, some have spent little time on tasks and activities that truly exercise their gifts and bring joy. When they look up, years later, they are tired, frustrated, and fatigued. During this seminar we will explore how leaders fall into fatigue, the danger that leadership fatigue causes, and how we can realign our work with God’s purpose and our gifts.