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Jobs for Life was founded in downtown Raleigh in 1996. Over the next 15 years, seeds were planted and various churches, businesses and ministries were involved.

In 2011, the next step was taken and the Triangle area was launched as the first JfL City Network where a concerted effort was made to connect the church and business community through the JfL platform. At the time there were 4 churches actively involved.

Today there are 40+ churches/ministries, dozens or businesses, and hundreds of volunteers working together in a vibrant, life-giving network.

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40+ JfL Sites

29 Classes

200+ Students Served

50% Employment Rate

100% Increased Hope and Relationships

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Access local job-related resources for your JfL class, including a current listing of CityNetwork business and community partners, current workforce trends, and other community resources.
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To inquire about current employment opportunities in the Triangle Area, contact Jessie Hathcock:

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JfL CORE Training, August 3rd
Training for your Site Leadership Team

Global Breakfast of Champions, September 14th

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Mt. Sinai
Daisy's Story
Dwight's Story

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To find information about Jobs for Life classes being held in the Triangle area, click here.

Join a class near you! Click the link below to submit an application.

Apply for a JfL Class

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Have questions about the Triangle Area CityNetwork? Interested in joining? Please contact one of the individuals below:

• Jessie Hathcock, Business Relations Manager: jhathcock@jobsforlife.org

• Lesa Howard, Triangle Area Volunteer Coordinator: Lesa@aeffinc.org

We welcome businesses, churches, non-profits, and others to join the JfL CityNetwork and hire, mentor, connect, and support the work being done in the Triangle Area. Join us!

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