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Jobs for Life was founded in downtown Raleigh, NC in 1996. Over the next 15 years, seeds were planted and various churches, businesses and ministries were involved.

In 2011, the next step was taken and the Triangle area was launched as the first JfL City Network where a concerted effort was made to connect the church and business community through the JfL platform.

In the Summer of 2015 Jobs for Life launched Tampa Bay as its 4th City Network. Since launching, Tampa Bay has grown to include 10 Sites serving over 80 students. Close to 60% of those who have gone through the Jobs for Life class, have found meaningful work due to the relationships and networks formed within their class.

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Below is a listing of the business partners that have committed to invest in the work being done in the Tampa Bay Area through Jobs for Life:

Private Label Skin
Hashtag Fulfillment
Jani-King of Tampa Bay
Stadium Toyota
AFC Floorcare
The Fechtel Company
Prudential Advisors

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JfL CORE Training: Feb. 22-23 (Winter Haven, FL)

This training event is for Jobs for Life leaders and volunteers, and will equip your team with strategies and resources to lead a Jobs for Life class and help prepare individuals for employment. This training is REQUIRED for new Jobs for Life sites.

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Safety Harbor

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To find information about Jobs for Life classes being held in the Tampa Bay Area, click here.

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Have questions about the Tampa Bay Area City Network? Interested in joining? Please contact Kevin Miller:

Kevin Miller: kevinamiller50@gmail.com or (813) 363-3476

We welcome businesses, churches, non-profits, and others to join the JfL City Network and hire, mentor, connect, and support the work being done in the Tampa Bay Area. Join us!

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