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After several years of developing Jobs for Life (JfL) classes and conversation, the JfL Charleston City Network began to take shape in 2016. This strategy has allowed a local network of churches, nonprofit organizations, business partners, as well as the employed, unemployed, and underemployed to flourish; all centered around the DIGNITY OF WORK. We are seeing strategic partnerships, transformed individuals and families, and an incredible success in jobs placement.

We invite you to be a part of this work with us!

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2011-2017 stats

Jobs for Life Classes: 37

Men and Women Served: 253

Graduation Rate: 94%

Employment Rate: 68%

Leaders and Volunteers Involved: 73

Businesses Involved: 21

100% Increased Hope and Relationships

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The following churches/ministries were involved with a JfL class in 2016-2017:

Alston Wilkes Society
JfL Charleston Bridge Program
New City Fellowship
Remnant House Ministries
Shalom Recovery Services
SHIELD Ministries
STAND Program
Sovereign Grace Church
of the Low Country
The Net International Ministries
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Turning Leaf Project
Two Rivers Presbyterian Church

The following are the Charleston Area Employment/Community Partners (2016-2017):

Pleasant Places Landscaping
Carolina Landscape
Darden Restaurants, Inc.
Kiawah Island Club
Kiawah Island Golf Resort
Truluck Services
Truluck Services Paint & Repair
SC Works
Charleston Adult Education
Tricounty Family Ministries
Goodwill Industries of Lower SC

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Access community resources in the Greater Charleston Area.
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Access employer resources, including upcoming job fairs and/or hiring events.
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To find information about Jobs for Life classes being held in the Charleston area, click here.

Join a class near you! Click the link below to submit an application.

Apply for a JfL Class

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Have questions about the Charleston Area City Network? Interested in joining? Please contact:

John Ring, Charleston Area Director: jring@jobsforlife.org

We welcome businesses, churches, non-profits, and others to join the JfL CityNetwork and hire, mentor, connect, and support the work being done in the Charleston area. Join us!

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