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The first JfL class was launched in Atlanta in 2008. Over the next 7 years, more and more churches and ministries discovered the power of connecting to their communities through the JfL platform.

In the summer of 2015, the next step taken as the Greater Atlanta JfL City Network was launched and a concerted effort was made to connect the church and business community through the JfL platform. At the time, there were 8 churches actively involved. Today there are 20+ churches/ministries, various businesses, and dozens of volunteers working together in a vibrant, life-giving network.

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Churches/Organizations Involved: 20+

Jobs for Life Classes: 17
(4 of which were Powered for Life)

Jobs for Life/Powered for Life Graduates: 124

Employment Rate: 50%+

100% Increased Hope and Relationships

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The following churches/ministries are involved with a JfL class:

Axesspointe Community Development
Atlanta Mission
Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church
Cruz’s Fishermen/Boys & Girls Club Lawrenceville
Café Clarkston
Generations Outreach
Greater Faith Ministries
Lazarus Ministries
LifeSong Ministries, Inc.
Paradise Missionary Baptist Church
Perimeter Pointe Church
Redeemer Community Church
Renovation Church
Refuge Coffee Co.
Restore Life
Shalom City Church
Tabernacle International Church
Trinity Anglican Church
Trinity Life Church

The following NEW churches/ministry partners are preparing to host a JfL class in 2017:

Blueprint Church
Cornerstone Church (West End)
Our Father’s Love of Georgia
The Point Church

In addition to the numerous businesses in local churches, the following local businesses are actively seeking to interview JfL graduates:

Café Clarkston – Employment Services
Ellsworth Office Cleaning
Kennesaw State University
Piedmont Hospital
Refuge Coffee Co. (in house)
Tip Top Poultry
Wal-Mart (Vine City)
World of Coca-Cola
First-Step Staffing

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Event details coming soon!

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To find information about Jobs for Life classes being held in the Atlanta area, click here.

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Have questions about the Atlanta Area CityNetwork? Interested in joining? Please contact one of the individuals below:

• Keynon Akers, Atlanta Area Director: kakers@jobsforlife.org

• Daniel Alexander, JfL Director of CityNetworks: dalexander@jobsforlife.org

We welcome businesses, churches, non-profits, and others to join the JfL CityNetwork and hire, mentor, connect, and support the work being done in the Atlanta area. Join us!

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