Powerful things happen in the class. Dignity is restored. Character is built. Cities are transformed. Jobs for Life offers a discipleship platform enabling members of your church to develop gospel-centered relationships as unemployed men and women learn God’s gift of work, find employment, and experience life in Christ.


Step 1: Pray and Cast Vision

Pray and cast vision to your church leadership or community group and determine if you can commit to running a Jobs for Life class. Here are Resources you can use to present Jobs for Life and garner support.

Step 2: Sign Up and Access Training Materials

After deciding to join us, register your church or organization on the JfL website here, create your account, download or purchase training materials, and access exclusive resources and tools needed to facilitate your ministry.

Step 3: Recruit the Team and Set a Date

Recruit volunteers from your church or organization to help lead the class and invite them to your JfL website account so that they too can access the resources and tools.Determine first set of logistics, including the class’ date, time and location.

Step 4: Engage Students

Invite students to your class. You can advertise in your church, local community groups, and/or partner with city or county agencies.

Step 5: Register Your Class, Add Student Info, Share Your Stories

By registering your class and adding your student information to your account, you are able to keep historical records and track your impact.

After you have completed these steps, you are ready to start your first JfL class and begin helping people obtain meaningful employment.


JfL Network Members are transforming lives by leading classes and becoming a part of a global movement providing a profound solution to poverty and unemployment. JfL network members are committed to:

  • Embracing JfL’s mission, vision, values, and statement of faith
  • Leading at least 1 JfL class per year or actively participating in JfL activities
  • Reporting progress and success
  • Exhibiting a strong desire to building meaningful relationships with a stable system of mentorship for JfL students
  • Engaging the business community to open up viable opportunities for JfL students
  • Sharing experiences and best practices with the broader JfL Network


Click here to meet Jobs for Life leaders and volunteers who share their testimonies in running a class. To learn more about what students will learn in your upcoming Jobs for Life class for adults or your Powered for Life class for youth, click on the following links:

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