Give Joseph a Job

The reality of the prison industrial complex is one that negatively affects persons (the majority of which are people of color) all over this country. Presently, the United States houses over a… Read more

Local people talk about the affect of criminal history check box in employment

Getting a job is difficult. Even with a perfect resume, marketable skills and a clean record, an employer could still decide, you’re just not the right person for the position. Add a felony… Read more

Transform Scott County to Provide Job Readiness Class

A new Transform Scott County class is aiming to combat unemployment and underemployment. … Read more


How Churches Change the Equation for Life After Prison

(Note: Both Jobs for Life and Miea Walker, JfL's former Training and Reentry Specialist, were featured in the cover story of the August 2016 edition of Christianity Today.) … Read more

Jobs for Life take unique approach to helping the poor

Jobs for Life is trying to change the traditional model of helping the poor. … Read more

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