Local people talk about the affect of criminal history check box in employment

Getting a job is difficult. Even with a perfect resume, marketable skills and a clean record, an employer could still decide, you’re just not the right person for the position. Add a felony… Read more

Transform Scott County to Provide Job Readiness Class

A new Transform Scott County class is aiming to combat unemployment and underemployment. … Read more


How Churches Change the Equation for Life After Prison

(Note: Both Jobs for Life and Miea Walker, JfL's former Training and Reentry Specialist, were featured in the cover story of the August 2016 edition of Christianity Today.) … Read more

Jobs for Life take unique approach to helping the poor

Jobs for Life is trying to change the traditional model of helping the poor. … Read more


A Story of Redemption

It all went down on a block in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Back in 2005, Jameel McGee says he was minding his own business when a police officer accused him of -- and arrested him for -- dealing drugs. … Read more

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