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What if millions of unemployed people were working because the Local Church intervened? It would change the world. Learn how Christ-centered churches and organizations are “flipping the list” and using Jobs for Life as a discipleship platform to help underserved men and women find jobs and experience life in Christ.

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"Through JfL, my Church and many others have been equipped to offer the hope in both word and deed.” …read more
by Ken Jenkins, Pastor and JfL Site Leader at Refuge and Restoration Church (St. Louis, MO)
“Jobs for Life brings people out of the doors of the church and into community.” …read more
by Hakeem Turner, JfL Graduate and Certified Ambassador (Atlanta, GA)
“The students are given encouragement. By the time they leave they have a smile on their face, and they feel encouraged. Jobs for Life is a…read more
by Carol Holloway, JfL Site Leader (Nashville, TN)

Featured Success Story

Friend for LIFE

Note: This story, along with several other stories and testimonies about the impact of JfL in cities around the world, can be found in the 2015 Annual Report. >> Click here to view At Jobs for Life, the outcome of what we do may be about jobs but the real focus is on life. What people who have experienced the class have found is that this focus on life creates an incredibly beautiful opportunity for relationship and true friendship. Hakeem and Dan in Atlanta is one of those amazing stories. Hakeem was living the epitome of how our culture views young black…


JfLCore - New Site Training (For Individuals)

Welcome to JfLCore, an interactive, online training for Jobs for Life sites. …

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At Jobs for Life (JfL), we believe a lack of work attacks one’s dignity and can…